George Gough - Photographer

Welcome to George Gough’s photographic world. For the past 35 years, George has been delighting friends and strangers with his captivating images. You may have seen his painterly photographs gracing the walls of Skippers in Northport, Cassis Restaurant or the Mediterranean Snack Bar in Huntington. He has also been published by Natural History magazine, the American Way. His executive and event photography is noted for its spontaneity and sensitivity.

Looking at the breadth and depth of George’s imagery, you might be astonished to learn that he is a retired international air traffic controller who worked at Aeronatical Radio Inc in Bohemia, under daily pressure. The array of his images represents his “stolen moments” away from home and work, his emotional vision of a simpler, more beautiful world. His photographs are captured with graceful composition and split-second timing.

George has always loved cameras, lenses, and photographic magazines. Even as a slide shooter, George was rarely without special filters to achieve magical effects. Like most traditional photographers, schooled through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in the rigorous discipline of 35 mm slide film, George's creative options have expanded a hundredfold with the digital revolution in photography.

When George travels, he likes to wander, to explore ancient alleyways, flower-strewn meadows, windswept moors, seaside villages, rustic town streets, abandoned gardens, and remote lighthouses. His elusive subjects are captured with a characteristic easygoing, almost off-handed grace that invites the viewer to share his romantic vision of a friendly world: a world without power lines or traffic or teeming crowds. George has a passion for color, light and for life. Even as his gentle imagery dances easily between realism and fantasy, George never loses sight his passion for his craft, or his boyish, good humored enthusiasm for photography.

- Michael M. Fairchild.COM

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